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“My wish is to bring people of all ages and backgrounds to an internal place of harmony, calm and beauty, where love defeats fear, calling forth healing, purpose and goodness”.

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My Story

   The daughter of a Fine Arts teacher and a self-made engineer with an inquisitive mind, I was encouraged since early age to be curious and to seek knowledge with wonder and appreciation for others and, ultimately, looking for my own ways to contributing. The path was not straight, but then. I didn't embrace such expectation. I studied  International Business, Foreign Languages and Fine Arts. I have spent time in Argentina (I'm a Buenos Aires native), Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and the United States. My background in Film, Creative Writing and Literature later informed my theoretical and experiential learning in Expressive Arts Therapies through a cross-cultural program focused on the cultural richness of popular art and craft making of the different cultures of the Americas: the indigenous, the European, and the African.

   Having been a Qigong and Tai-chi practitioner for years, the integration of this movement meditation with an EXA (Expressive Arts) practice became the center of both, the thesis for my Masters in Trans-disciplinary Art Therapy, and the specialization for my Qigong Level 2 instructor certification. I later added White Belt and 5 Stages Nia Technique training. I love dancing! 

   I work with a person-centered approach, and I enjoy working with people and lead them to tap into the many benefits of their own creative potential. If you’re seeking peace, strength, connection, or something else, I invite you to explore, experience and express. You’ll be delighted in your journey!

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