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Take a peak into an intimate world of images and words. Thank you for visiting my work!

3. The poet and the moon-2022-acrylics on canvas-30x40cm copy.jpeg

I approach my work in the same way I approach life: like a constant dance, seeking for balance and harmony, drawn into contemplation and back to explore the outer world, from stillness into action.

“The poet and the moon”, acrylics on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Together with “The tower of time”, this painting is part of the catalog “The place of memory” curated and published by Cista Arts, UK, 2023

2. The tower of time-2020-acrylics on cardboard-35x50cm copy.jpeg

"The tower of time", acrylics on cardboard, 35 x 50 cm

My work is an invitation to pause and connect with new possibilities.  Each layer created by the different brushstrokes is an attempt to express a new found quality in the familiar, whether a person, a landscape, or an object. When in pause, we connect with time through reflective eyes, and a dwell of stories, old and new, opens to us. The stories usually tells us how to find joy in the challenging, how to create possibility out of the impossible, and  how to embrace change where peace and healing is needed.  


My relationship with painting has not been one straight path, but it has certainly been the bridge from which creativity infuses a sense of awe into every aspect of life with its many gifts. The desire to 

4. Eyes Wide Open-by Karina Hatcher.jpeg

"Eyes Wide Open", oil on canvas, 24 x 20 in.

paint is simply so strong, that the process results comforting even (or, more so) in the most uncomfortable times.


The work has evolved over the years, and the themes of connection between the people in my portraits and the places where they inhabit are evolving too. Our interaction with the natural environment and with our fellow human beings continue being important aspects of my paintings. The passing of time and the role of meaning in our recollection of memory is my most current subject of study. All of my work subscribes to humanistic points of view and is built around the idea that we choose, individually and as society, what type of imprint to leave for the future.


"Somebody's Delta", acrylics on canvas, 8 x 10 in

"Flowers in a vase", gouache/acrylics on canvas, 8 x 10 in

MORE THAN IMAGES: Here is a fragment from the short story “Dancing with the Winds from the South” that I wrote and was published by Mehri Publication, UK, 2023:

“They called him crazy. They laughed at him. With only one loyal friend by his side, he lived each day like there was no end — or so the story tells. In reality, our knight lived like there was no beginning. He was one with the wind, aware of his ever-present existence, suspended in the realms of time, like a piece of garment on the washing line. 

To his friend, and his ghosts, the story was clear: his visions were embedded in the truth which escapes the eye that only looks, disconnected from sound. It’s not the eye but the ancient practice of listening what brings images to life, the light passing through, creating meaning. Images can exist only from the words of truth and sound. The windmills that made him infamously known are still tasked with quieting the winds from the south and their ode of love and blood. They always blow north. You wonder why?”


My love for literature is rooted in how much it fascinates me the way images come to life through interaction between the author and reader's imaginations, the power of the collective memory. 

Concrete Wall

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If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts about my work, an anecdote to share or just want to say hi, do not hesitate to contact me. I will love to hear from you!

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