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expressive art . wellness . creativity . life

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I'm Karina Hatcher, an Atlanta based multimedia artist and the creator of The Dandelion & The Snail. Inspired in an inter-disciplinary expressive arts format and my own contemplative journey, the goal of each program is to promote emotional and physical wellness through multi-sensorial expressions, movement meditation or both.

If you're seeking for peace, strength, connection, or something else, I invite you to come explore, experience and express. You'll be delighted with the experience. 


The sessions were very relaxing and I was free to travel to happiness. Taking on an art practice that you have never experienced is as fun as returning to playing as a child, and now you can face the stresses and worries of mystery. I think my journey will continue thanks to Karina’s supportive coaching. — S.M.

Learning and cultivating the practice of Qi Gong has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and it has quickly become a part of my day. While I initially expected an experience that would bring mind and body together, I have discovered layers of practice which also help me channel energy and find calm through the meditative aspects of intentional movement and breathing.

Karina has been a wonderful instructor and guide along the way. Having no prior experience with this kind of practice, I felt immediately comfortable with her approach to instruction and the environment she creates for teaching and learning. She’s friendly and patient but also attentive to detail, and is happy to draw you in further with explanations of the purpose and role of any given movement or technique, but also of Qi Going as a whole. Thank you Karina! — A.S.

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